Wish We Were Here: DC Postcards #11

Our latest hand-altered DC postcard reflects how having more guns on the streets of DC would simply require more Dirty Harrys on the grounds of the White House. Last weekend, U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin, Jr. struck down DC’s ban on carrying handguns outside of a person’s home, which is just fine with Dirty Harry’s brand of vigilante justice.

Dirty Harry White House

(Image By: heydayjoe)

“Go ahead. Make my day.”

Wish We Here — DC Postcards #9

Happy Summer Solstice 2014, the longest day of the year! Here’s our latest altered DC postcard, encouraging you to tour DC’s Space Needle, follow the National Arboretum trail to the top of Mount Hamilton (240 feet above sea level!), kayak Rock Creek (if the water’s at least two feet deep!) and visit a farm(ers market). Just remember: No matter what you do this summer weekend, Obama will be watching you…

DC postcard

(Image By: Matt Wainwright)

Wish We Here — DC Postcards #7

DC postcard

(Image By: heydayjoe)

For all of you who’ll be flying into and out of our nation’s capital this holiday weekend, here’s the latest creation from our collection of altered DC postcards. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

See all of Heyday DC’s slightly deranged postcards here. Heyday DC postcards are gift-shop-bought cards that we’ve altered by the old-school method of cut and paste: scissors and glue.