Whatever Happened to the Original 930 Club?

J Crew 930 Club DC

The J. Crew awning hangs over the door that was once the main entrance to the 930 Club. (Photo By: heydayjoe)

Atlantic Building

Atlantic Bldg (Photo By: heydayjoe)

Here lie the ghosts of the original 930 Club, once located at 930 F Street NW and now rehabilitated as a J. Crew. The only remaining interior remnant – the Club’s elevator grating, is now featured as an ornamental wall along the stairs leading down to menswear. (The J. Crew staff would not allow photos of this precious artifact, or any of the sweaters.) To keep away the nostalgic riffraff, the number on the building was changed to 950 F Street, the same address as the building next door.

Below is the current 930 Club (since 1996) at 915 V Street NW. For more about the history of the 930 Club, click here.

930 Club

Formerly the WUST Radio Music Hall, this venue has been home to the 930 Club since 1996. (Photo By: heydayjoe)

3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to the Original 930 Club?

  1. I love this post. I didn’t know about the address change so I just thought the original building was gone. I got kicked out of 9:30 in spring ’89 when I smuggled some beer into a Dead Milkmen show. The manager was a scrawny dude who perched above me on his stool like a monkey and read me the riot act. He said, “Kid, you have three choices, I call your parents and they come get you; I call the cops and they take you downtown–now THAT’S hardcore [he really said that]; or you leave and don’t come back tonight.” I choose #3. Oh, and I couldn’t run because I had a cast on my ankle.

    • I love your story, Fred. Too bad the cast eliminated choice #4. Last summer, I was determined to find the old 930 Club to test my memories of it. I knew it had been on F Street, and I had the number (or so I thought). No 930 F Street NW. I walked into the J. Crew on a hunch, but not one of the clerks knew about the old 930; they had to drag the old guy out of the back room to verify my suspicions. I’m hoping this post will eventually inspire enough pilgrimages that J. Crew will be forced to pay tribute…

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